Welcome to Party Crasher Productions! We are not your competition. We are your friends!

We were created in November of 2019 by a team of local Illinois vendors that had been working independently for years. Our mission is to team up with only the most skilled and energetic vendors around! When we get booked, we want to guarantee an optimum experience for our clients and their guests. As we all know, personality is SUPER important in this industry.

I think everyone can agree that this year sucks. It hurt our couples, our vendors, our other clients, and our own pocketbooks pretty bad. It has been absolutely devastating for our industry as vendors are closing up shops and selling their equipment. 😔

Well, we're not giving up that easily!! Luckily, we're relatively new and we have options.

We are looking to expand our list of vendors and we want to start right here in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. That's right!! During this recession, we are looking to EXPAND!! We plan to grow even further and we're looking for people to join us!!

We are not a "Big Box" business model. Our focus is to ensure our inside vendors make maximum income with a steady booking platform. In order to do this, we need high-quality vendors which means we will never be the cheapest. However, we also run specials and collaborate on packages together from time to time.

Services like Wedding Wire and The Knot can get pricy.

We want to offer spaces on our website to feature our vendors. There are a couple of ways you can join us. You can become a part of our inside crew, or you can get a simple listing with some info, ratings, and reviews. There will be a link to your site and the rest is your responsibility.

If you become one of our insiders, you will work closely with us. We need people that communicate with our clients clearly and professionally. We need skill mixed with ambition and topped with an outstanding personality.

If this is something you are interested in knowing more about, please...

1 - "Like" us at Party Crasher Productions on Facebook.

2 - Join our group of vendors where we will be discussing business strategies and decide if you think this will benefit you and your business. Joining the group is free!! Join here!

Can't wait to meet you all!

Jason Neal

Owner | Party Crasher Productions Inc.

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