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Pricing Varies

We understand the importance of hiring the right DJ for your wedding, corporate event, school, event, or private party.  Each DJ has a different personality and style just like each client has their own style.  When hiring a DJ for your event, find one that is fun, flexible, and communicative.  Who wants a DJ that doesn't talk?!  At Party Crasher Productions, we have partnered up with some of the most popular wedding DJs and we can team you up with a DJ that will make your event memorable.  If you want a Chicago DJ, we can do that!  If you're out in the burbs or beyond, we have DJs everywhere and some are willing to travel.  Our DJs are reliable, fun, and super accomodating.  It is your event.  Hear what YOU want to hear.

String Quartet

Soloists and Ensembles


If you're into something a little more classy and relaxing, hiring a soloist or an ensemble for your wedding or event is the way to go!  

Man Playing Guitar

Live Band

NEW!  Pricing Varies

Who doesn't love a live band to get the party going?!  We are teaming up with some of the coolest local bands that can totally make your event a super success!!  Hiring a live band for weddings, corporate events, school events, or even BBQs is the way to get the crowd moving!  Let us know what style of music you want and we will match you up with a local band that will be perfect for your event!

Side Note:  If you know any local bands interested in hooking up, please tell them to send a demo to us at

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